Sunday, January 26, 2014

Are MiLords Stupid?

Yes it is true.  Greed by the 1% has gone over the top and the Ponzi scheme known as fiat currency in a debt based fractional reserve asset chain is about to fall.  Not content with 10 to 1 income disparities prevalent in the 1960’s, the 1% have used the unlimited power of the printing press to create layers upon layers of rehypothecation, derivatives and credit default swaps to effect 400 to 1 ratios, thereby dooming the economy.  I suspect that MiLords, the .1%, (see blog entry MiLords Are Not United for a fuller definition) are not happy that the game is ending prematurely due to unbridled greed by the foot soldiers of the Oligarchy, the merely rich 1%.  But does that mean that MiLords are stupid?  Have they lost control of their own game?  Is the Oligarchy about to fall along with the dollar?

At first glance it would appear that a strategy that sacrifices a currency that has reigned supreme as the world Reserve Currency since 1944 is not very smart.  That shipping all the gold in Fort Knox to China is not very good preparation for the reset defined by the next financial conference that will supplant Bretton Woods.  That killing the golden goose by allowing the manufacturing base to deteriorate and be replaced by The Great Wall-Mart of China, is short sighted.  This is a strategy that bespeaks of goals for a single lifetime, not the visionary foresight of an Oligarchy entrenched for centuries.

So are the MiLords who control such things really being that stupid?  Are they being replaced by a patient China forging a dynasty that will last a century?  Will the next Bretton Woods be held in Hong Kong with a gold backed Yuan emerging as the new standard?  Are we on the brink of the creation of a new world order?  Or are MiLords way ahead of us all, dumbing us down with bad diets and trinkets from Wal-Mart?  Do they have a plan that relegates China to the status of the merely rich?

I don’t know the answer.  I don’t even know if I am asking the right question.  I do not begin to know how to factor in the nuclear chess game, or the impact of China’s own banking problems or the effects of tribalism when the pillars of the world come down.  I also wonder if Rothschild would have been able to control the markets if the Battle of Waterloo could have been reported on the internet.  All of this is above my pay grade.
So I would like to shift the question away from the IQ of MiLords and take a serious look at us.  Are we the 5% (that is all that it would take I think) smart?  Are we awake?  Are we diligent enough to uncover the game?  MiLords are wearing no clothes.  Can we strip away their cloak of invisibility?   Do we care enough about shaping the coming new world order to arise out of our stupor and engage the enemy of ignorance?  Are we too lazy, too apathetic, too blind to challenge what is?

Maybe the task is not to name MiLords.  Maybe the task is to name the 5%.  Not to form a movement that is subject to the “Iron Law of Oligarchy,” but to create a consciousness that permeates the air.  Oxygenated air that is rich in knowledge that burns with Critical Thinking. Do we need a symbol that we can draw with our toe in the dust to self identify?

China has a plan.  MiLords may have a plan.  But it may not matter if there is a great awakening.  I repeat the tag line for this blog:

“The Opportunity to shape the artifacts of our lives into forms that align our goals with our values and complete our humanity has never been greater.”


Being There said...

I'm becoming a follower of this blog. Found you on post prosperity. Your ideas are interesting.

Larry Alderfer Fisher said...

Thanks Being There, I am hoping for more comments to make it more of a conversation. Your comments are welcome. I am not married to the name MiLords, but do think it is vital to name the Oligarchy so that we can counter their antics.

Pass it along.


Being There said...

Milords is amusing, I have no trouble with it.

Yes, I follow this de-evolution as it's unfolding and it seems to defy logic. The main conclusion I have come to, though as through Milton Friedman and the Chicago School of Business we moved from the mixed economy of Keynes and Roosevelt into a grab-back from the top corporatists and banker.

The ideology is global neoliberalism and neoconservatism, it's global hegemony in the military and economics front and has spread to both parties, think tanks and universities. The problem as I see it is that they no longer feel connected to the US as a modern nation-state and we are feeling more like a corporatist colony of transnationals.

They have demonized regulation and taxes and the two party system is in a civics war.

There are all kinds of misdirections to keep the eyes of the public in all the wrong places and as in the 1800's the No Nothings are a powerful force as the chief populist movement. Yes, they were taken over by Freedom Works, but their attitudes combined by a lack of real education is leading us into a has-been country.

We are going to trail in science, education, wealth and nutrition.

Indeed it was about backing up the truck and taking the country for everything it's worth. Quicky get rich scheme without a plan. And we're all in it together!

I like your observations and have passed your url to others.