Tuesday, February 18, 2014

If A Bear Falls And No One Hears, Did It Make A Sound?

Oh how quickly we forget, especially when we never knew.  You would think by now that one of the greatest setbacks to our economy in the last 100 years would be studied more, given that we are still trying to climb out of it going on six years later.
I read an article this morning (see link below) that basically said that Bear Stearns (remember them?  They are the ones that were bailed out first in 2008 and then were sold to JP Morgan for pennies on the dollar) didn’t fail because of the mortgage crisis but rather because they were very short on gold and silver and they couldn’t meet margin calls.  My point isn’t whether or not this report is true (although I suspect that it is), my point is that the financial media are ignoring the story.  Not just this story but the whole long history of price manipulation that makes a mockery of what we like to call a market based system.  If Bear Stearns was very short on silver and gold as part of a 100 years long effort to suppress precious metals prices, and that position led to their downfall, doesn’t it behoove the press to delve into the matter?  Or Congress for that matter?

JP Morgan bought Bear Stearns and they have assumed the mantle of price smasher extraordinaire.  Does this activity serve the public or serve China and India who are wise enough to stock up on assets with lasting value at the expense of fiat currencies which have been debased beyond the tolerance of the prudent investor?  Does anyone doubt that the prices of silver and gold are like a coiled spring that has been suppressed to the point where there is no more give?    Has anyone noticed that despite all the talk about gold being a relic, JP Morgan is very long now?  (they understand springs perhaps) They can no longer dump gold on the market (it’s long gone)and outright shorting is a recipe for going the way of Bear Stearns, so their last gasp is to use trading algorithms to drive prices down.  Is there no reporter out there outside the gold and silver camps that can understand this well enough to blow the whistle?

If you have any doubt that MiLords are in control, that we suffer at the hands of an Oligarchy, that wealth is being bled from us at an accelerating pace, look no further than the silence of the mainstream media.  The regulators have been silenced and this has not been reported.  The market has been tampered with beyond recognition.  Inflation is not being reported accurately.  Unemployment is understated.  Real wages are plunging.  And all we hear is the sound of silence.

So if you go to the trouble to read this one story, ask yourself the question: is this not worth headlines?  Would this not portend a coming crisis of even greater magnitude?  Is this whole sordid mess more about treason than it is about shorting gold?

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Being There said...

I might be the one hand clapping for your posts, that I enjoy very much. I will post this url to FB and other places I post and get you some more discussions.

All I can tell you is that we are living in the imagination of Contorto Distorto. We are on an even horizon of the wealth crush of the world. Not looking forward to its aftermath.

Indeed, a late acquaintance of mine was a gold dealer. He was a fan of Lloyd Blankfein and spoke often about the cleverness of it all. One day he told me that the GS boys were sending boatloads of gold to Panama. You know the place where Obama wanted a free trade deal? Very secretive banking system too.