Friday, May 30, 2014

Why I Pray That I Am Dead Wrong

I firmly believe that the Ponzi Scheme known as the Federal Reserve system is close to being exposed for what it is.  If true, this will bring down a system that has served MiLords* very well for just over a century, and the resulting chaos will impact the world economy in profoundly negative ways.  I want to go on record again that I hope I am wrong and more explicitly state why I hope I am wrong.

  1. I am drawing Social Security payments.  During a time of hyper-inflation these payments cannot possibly keep pace.  Printing more and more money will not solve a problem that money printing caused.  Even if the government had the will and means to adjust payments on the fly, economies that experience hyper-inflation do so daily and my check is monthly.
  2.   My network (family and extended family) is made up of what could be called the shrinking middle class.  That is to say that there is wealth in real estate, business investments, stock port folios and the like.  In a collapsed economy these props will diminish in value, perhaps by as much as 90%.  In a collapsed economy my long distance family network will be replaced by local farmers, friends who can make things, neighbors who can fix things, etc.  My garden is producing more each year but I am not self sufficient.  My safety net will pretty much evaporate.

  3. I enjoy the peace.  The stupid wars we wage, executed by the Deep State on behalf of MiLords, (Haliburton, Cargill, Goldman Sachs and the like) are far away now.  Violence fueled by food shortages, currency debasement, fear of the future, medicine shortages, etc. will be dangerously close and will upset my life.  I don’t want it to be that way.  I don’t want to be right.

  4. My opportunity to travel to places I love like Kenya, Botswana and Bangladesh will be curtailed.  Even if flights are available tickets will need to be paid for in some way.  Gold?  Silver coin?  And then money for buying food and lodging will be needed on the other end.  Carrying silver coin will not be safe.  And using up silver coin for pleasure travel will likely seem frivolous in light of the need to buy food for my family and friends.

  5. And last but not least I am afraid that the next system will not be transformative.  As I look around at the apathy that prevails, I am not optimistic about people rising up and saying, “Never Again!”  It is likely that a very large portion of the population will simply accept the new lies.  “It is because of gold hoarders that the currency failed.”  “We need to crack down on socialists who are trying to steal your wealth and give it to lazy tax dodgers.” “Privacy is not a priority when there are economic terrorists in our midst.”  “Fort Knox is empty because of patriots who used the gold to preserve our currency (banks?)and our standard of living.”  Are you ready for the really big lie?  “Those bankers who used our gold to preserve our way of life are heroes, not criminals guilty of treason.  They did not sell us down the river to China.  They fought a valiant rear guard action against insurmountable odds.”

This is a list of 5 reason why I hope I am wrong.  Change number 5 from expediency to revolution, from chaos to Jubilee, from a pathetic and apathetic response to one of affirmation of our humanity... then I would gladly suffer the costs of 1 through 4. If I thought that we would rise up and demand justice that repudiates the obscene wealth of MiLords and holds accountable the minions of the Deep State for their treachery, I would tighten my belt, share my garden and smile with deepest gratitude to be a part of something honorable. Allow the Deep State to redefine their control on their terms?  Never.

I have written before that I do not espouse a violent revolution.  But without a peaceful transformation from the Deep State orchestrated by MiLords to a reinstatement of a more humanizing Social Contract , I see no way to avoid bloodshed short of abject subjugation.

We can submit or we can resist.  But we cannot resist effectively without knowing.  Our ignorance of the “what is,” our present sorry condition, will be our undoing.

* MiLords are defined and mentioned in several Blog entries including MiLords Are Not United and Are MiLords Stupid? among others.

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