Monday, June 23, 2014

MiLords Might Have A Plan

I have flirted with the idea that MiLords are stupid, that they have lost control of the game and are fighting a rear guard action while they consolidate enormous amounts of wealth and plan their getaway.  Today I would like to explore the notion of what it might mean to assume that they do hear the waterfall ahead and do have plans for them, and for us, and for the world.  What then might those plans look like?

   1.       Keep China and Russia in check for a little while longer.  Make it extremely painful for them to collapse the dollar.  Keep feeding them cheap silver and cheap gold by continuing to manipulate the futures markets.  Threaten, cajole, lie… do whatever it takes to keep them from pulling the plug.  The die is cast.  The end of dollar supremacy is at hand.  But delay is important to MiLords.

   2.       Structure the collapse to be as orderly as possible (lean toward Jubilee and away from Armageddon).  Restructure retirement funds to be entirely supported by “New Treasuries” (let’s call them Patriot Bonds) defined as domestic debt, not for resale in the international market (it is better to forbid their sale than it is to demonstrate that they are unsalable).  Convert all domestic investor held treasuries to Patriot Bonds, effectively devaluing them.  Allow the market to re-price existing international Treasuries to a value that can be serviced (let’s call it 25 cents on the dollar).  Legislate that municipalities and other government bodies can convert their debt into Patriot Bonds.  It is mathematically impossible for the accumulated debt to be serviced without such a reset.  It will happen.  It must happen.

   3.       Continue to protect banks at all cost even at the expense of the American people.  Package “bail-ins” to be patriotic necessities (a bail-in is a form of legislated thievery that shifts the cost of a bail-out to depositors).

   4.       Keep a lid on the American political process.  Continue to buy votes and tout patriotic themes that lull the population into thinking they are being loyal Americans to docilely accept the rape of the middle class.

   5.       Maintain law and order.  Strike that.  Maintain order.  The laws to do so are already in place.  Bullets have been bought up, prison camps built, military contingency plans filed for suppressing dissent, etc.

   6.       Vilify hoarders.  Brand people who buy gold and silver as traitors.  Not allowing all gold and silver to flow to China has hastened the day when the dollar falls.  Bankers who sold, hypothecated, re-hypothecated or leased all the gold in Fort Knox a hundred times over are heroes.  It is to their credit that we have enjoyed 50 years of unparalleled prosperity.  What they did was technically illegal but they acted at the behest of all our wonderful Presidents who know best.

   7.       Ration food as necessary.  Brand people who garden and sell produce as greedy selfish profiteers who do not know the meaning of sharing.
   8.       Raise the minimum wage in order to allow for necessary cuts in social programs like food Stamps.

   9.       Promote “Made in America” campaigns and make a big fuss about revitalizing the manufacturing sector that was sacrificed for short term profits.

   10.   Impose travel restrictions to keep spending abroad down.  Strike that.  The dollar will be worth almost nothing abroad.  Only the uber rich will consider international travel.

It is still possible that MiLords will lose control of the process.  They may have to retreat to their well appointed bunkers.  China might not cooperate.  Russia may get restless.  India may get hungry.  

More importantly America could wake up and stop believing the lies.  Truth about the difference between real money and debt based fiat paper could emerge.  The realization that we are not a country of law, but an Oligarchy under the control of MiLords could dawn.  Complacency could be replaced by alarm and indignation.  The radical right and the radical left could merge under the banner of true freedom (not the kind we fight and die for so that Haliburton can make big profits).

To that end I invite you to consider thinking of yourself as a human participant in AGREE.  Above Ground Resistance, Enlightenment and Empowerment.  No membership.  No dues.  No website.  No movement.  No secrecy.  No manifesto.  Think of it as oxygen that fuels a burning desire for freedom.  Think of it as a way of moving forward.   Identify with other individual molecules of oxygen by simply saying: