Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Picking Up The Pieces

As I ponder the year ahead, I am inspired to catalogue the myriad problems we face.  To what purpose I am not sure, for how do you prioritize catastrophes?  Hopefully listing them will keep my mind from spinning out of control.  

In no particular order we have:
  1. Climate Change
  2. Wealth Inequality
  3. The Deep State (Oligarchy, Plutocracy, MiLords, etc.)
  4. The 911 Coverup and Media Complicity
  5. Environmental Degradation
  6. Imprisonment for Profit
  7. War for Profit
  8. Food Degradation for Profit
  9. Drugs for Profit
  10. Debt for Profit
  11. The Federal Reserve Ponzi Scheme
  12. War Against Women

Admittedly this list is not complete, but it is a start.  The question that I want to ask is not what else should be on this list, but rather what is holding the list together?  It is tempting to say that the common denominator is greed.  But I think it goes deeper to the issue of control.  Control of resources for sure but even more insidious is the control of people.

As I peruse the list I am drawn time and time again to number 4.  What would account for the fact that a nation of people could be induced to believe that 911 was simply a terrorist attack?  How could a well educated populace believe that two airplanes brought down three buildings in what was so clearly a controlled demolition?  How could a huge airliner disappear into a 12 foot hole in the Pentagon without breaking the windows two feet away and leave no wreckage behind?

What allows for people to be controlled?  Ignorance?  Prejudice?  Superstition?  Stupidity? Self Interest?  Are the people pulling the strings really that clever that they can perpetuate scam after scam without detection?  Did all of the Congress fall asleep and pass the Patriot Act without pausing to consider the evidence in front of them?

Unfortunately I am far better at posing question than coming up with good answers.  But let me take a stab at coming up with a way to break out of the deep sleep we seem to be in.  First let me say that we are not stupid, not in the sense that we cannot reason.  Second let me posit that prejudice and superstition are by-products of ignorance.  Thirdly that self interest will always be with us.  So if we want to tackle the list above, if we want to break the bonds that control us, if we want to take back our lives, we need to fight ignorance.  

My last post was a rather lengthy paper outlining a proposal to create educational curriculum to help break the chain of ignorance that is binding us.  Courses to be offered in 3,000 counties in America by community activists who already exist.  I am backing away from this approach due to the very real problem of how to get a broad spectrum of people to attend such courses. Instead I am working on a video game to tackle a portion of the agenda, namely those points looking at money, central banking, fiat currency, alternative accounting systems, money in politics, etc.

What is the point of this?  To forestall catastrophe?  Hardly.  The die is cast.  The system is headed for collapse.  The point is to educate people to stand up against the lies that will be told to cover up the real reasons for the fall.  It will be blamed on IS, Putin, China, North Korea… the list of fall guys is endless.  And war will serve as the perfect coverup and has the added attraction of huge profits for the Cheney types.  And the Bush types with ties to Saudi Arabia.  And the Al Gore (senior and junior) types with ties to Armand Hammer and all the other nameless members of this great Oligarchy we toil under.

We may not know which black swan event was the trigger for the fall until we look back a few years later.  Was it the Cyprus Bail-In banking theft?  Was it China and Russia forging a huge multi-year energy deal using their own currencies?  Was it BRICS setting up their own international banking system?  Was it Putin developing mechanisms to bypass SWIFT?  Was it the establishment of new gold exchanges in Asia that trade gold instead of paper contracts? Was it the elections in Greece?  Or will straw that breaks the back of the Ponzi scheme be the fall of the Euro?  Or the fall of the Petro-dollar?  Or the last bar of gold being stripped out of Fort Knox and sent to China?  (even I think there is a bar or two left there even though it may be rehypothecated 1000 times or more)  Or a new oil/gas/pipeline war?

Surviving the catastrophe will be our first task of course.  I wish I had some better advice than plant a garden.  But then we will be challenged to pick up the pieces and resist the Koch brothers and all those that will attempt to execute a plan that I am sure is already in place.

To do that we need to dispel the cloud of ignorance that is engulfing us.  Hopefully the apathy will have been purged by the fires of crisis.

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